Morning Porter

Posted: 20/02/2024

West End, London
Real Estate and Property

Job Description:

  • To ensure that at least one porter monitors the desk at all times, reviewing CCTV to monitor the security of the grounds and development.
  • Log and report any incidents of disrepair to the Manager (Managing Agent in the absence of the Manager). Where such defects are considered an emergency they should be reported immediately to the Managers or the out of hours service.
  • To monitor alarms and investigate where required.
  • To investigate reports of any leaks immediately. Investigate the source of the water leak, i.e. if the leak is coming through the ceiling then it is likely the leak is from the apartment above.
  • To keep a log of cars owned by residents and a record of visitors vehicles.
  • To maintain an effective relationship with other staff including contract staff.
  • To be courteous and helpful to residents, visitors, and contractors. In the event of abuse from another, the porter should report the incident to the managers immediately both verbally and in writing.
  • To complete the log book and observation book recording all visits / incidences on site.
  • To keep secure any keys which are held in the Porters Lodge, recording all use of the keys in the log book.
  • To keep secure mail and deliveries received on behalf of residents, recording items in the log book.
  • To ensure all general telephone enquiries and messages are logged, effectively and efficiently in the log book.
  • To assist the Managers in maintaining records of all residents contact information.
  • To assist in scheduling work and contractors visits.
  • Conducting regular patrols, reporting difficult issues to the manager.
  • To ensure that the entrance and fire exits are clear of obstructions and the driveways are kept clear of vehicles. Vehicles accessing the property are to be strictly controlled.
  • To carry out routine checks of all fire precautions.
  • To undertake any other reasonable duties to assist with the smooth operation of the building.
  • Uniform will be provided and must be worn at all times. A clean and smart appearance to be maintained. Smoking and drinking alcohol is not permitted during working hours.
  • Every porter MUST leave a handover list for the next Porter’s shift
  • Communal heating times to be changed if Manager not available (training will be given)
  • Block lighting times to be changed if manager not available. (training will be given)
  • Delivery of evening papers to residents who request them (Monday to Friday)
  • Undertaking of general maintenance as directed by the Manager or Managing Agent.
  • Any other reasonable requests as made by the Manager or Managing Agent.

Job Application:

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