Temporary Building Manager – Caterham, CR3

Posted: 03/04/2024

Caterham, Surrey
Hospitality and Catering
Start Date:

Job Description:

– To ensure the smooth running of the property and providing the company with regular reports of any events that my arise whilst on duty.

– To supervise all contractors working on site on behalf of the company.

– To be polite and courteous to the occupiers and any other persons who may enter the property at all times.

-To offer assistance to the occupiers and their visitors should it be required.

-To keep proper records of site visits and works undertaken.

-To liaise with and provide assistance to the Landlords contractors working on site.

-To report all out of the ordinary occurrences to the company.

-Regularly inspect all exterior security doors to ensure they are working correctly.

-Regularly inspect rear external staircases, ensuring access/egress is clear and exit doors are securely shut at all times.

-Inspect the common areas daily and record any findings in a day book

-Sweep car parks (3x) daily, and clear all rubbish.

-Litter pick , and ensure general tidiness, of the rear pathway. Ensure tenant rubbish is within the tenant waste bins.

-Liaise with the tenants of the building on a regular basis and report any concerns or complaints they may have.

-Communicate with the company and the tenants by telephone.

-To represent the Landlord as fire warden for the property and ensure the smooth running of evacuations and any other statutory fire safety duties.

-Deal with all visitors in a polite, confident and friendly manner.

-Supervise the waste collection company and provide regular reports on the quality of service.

-Organise the post collection from all tenants to a central point to be collected by the Royal Mail

-Receive the delivery of post to the building in the mornings and to distribute it to all tenants throughout the building.

-Make a daily list of works required to the common parts and services in the building for the attention of the landlord’s maintenance engineers when they attend for their weekly visits.

-Read and record all gas, electricity and water meters including checking meters on a weekly basis.

-Securely keep all keys and maintenance records on site.

-Be punctual, smart in appearance and well spoken

-To keep accurate records in a neat and tidy manner.

-To be proactive in addressing situations that arise and ensure that matters are dealt with before they become problematic

-To take a hands on friendly approach to all issues concerning the building and its tenants.

Job Application:

To request further details, email Younes.52096.11309@fpmr.aplitrak.com.